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2013 Agenda


Washington State University and APA – The Engineered Wood Association present the

International Wood Composites Symposium

Market Dynamics, Product Development, Process Innovation

April 3 and 4, 2013
The Red Lion on Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Evening Welcome Reception

April 2, 2013
Hosted by APA and WSU


DAY 1: Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red Lion on Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington

8:30 am


Vikram Yadama and Robert Tichy, Symposium Committee Co-Chairs


8:50 am

Lynn O. Michaelis, President, Strategic Economic Analysis, LLC
Happy days are nearly here again!

9:30 am

Dennis Hardman, President, APA -The Engineered Wood Association
Opportunities and challenges in a recovering economy

10:30 am

Tom Julia, President, Composite Panel Association
Competitive and Regulatory Outlook for the North American Composite Panel Industry: Are Better Days Ahead?

11:00 am

Kip Howlett, President, Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association
Engineered hardwoods: its challenging future

11:30 am

Ivan Eastin, Professor and Director, CINTRAFOR, University of Washington
An Overview of China’s market for wood products

1:00 pm

Kirk Myers, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)
CSR at REI: Sustainability is a Team Sport

1:30 pm

Justin Price, Engineering Manager & Principal, Evergreen Engineering, Inc.
Engineering for product quality


Fiber and Particle-based Composites: New Products and Processes

Engineered Wood Products: New Products and Processes

2:30 pm

Keith Mays, Vice President, Electronic Wood Systems North America 
New on-line scanning technologies to measure finished panel area-weight and dimensions

Mike McCollum, National Sales Manager, Roseburg Forest Products Company
From forest floor to your door

3:00 pm

Jan T. Benthien, Research Assistant, Thünen Institute of Wood Research
Fiber size distribution for MDF – Requirements and possible solutions

Borjen Yeh, Director, Technical Services Division, APA –The Engineered Wood Association
Cross Laminated Timber standards and qualification

3:30 pm

Panagiotis Nakos, Senior Representative, Chimar Hellas, S.A., Greece
Optimized particle size distribution for increased profitability in particleboard production

Tony Pugel, Senior Manufacturing Technologist, LP Building Products
How to make 2.0E stiffness laminated strand lumber (LSL) and make money

4:00 pm

Saim Ates, Associate Professor, Kastamonu University, Turkey
Effects of thermal treatment on medium density fiberboard

Scott Leavengood, Director, Oregon Wood Innovation Center, Oregon State University
State-of-the-art in hardwood veneer checking research

4:30 pm

Cole Martin, Area Sales Manager, Dieffenbacher USA, Inc.
New developments in particleboard

Harry Moore, Manager, Research and Development, Metriguard Inc.
An improved sonic method for grading glulam stock

Technical Forum Poster Session and Reception

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


DAY 2: Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Lion on Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington


 Fiber and Particle-based Composites: New Products and Processes

Engineered Wood Products: New Products and Processes

8:30 am

Andrew Jowett, President, IMAL-PAL Group
Maximizing resource utilization of existing panel board mills

Juergen Bonigut, Scientist, Institute of Wood Technology Dresden (IHD), Germany
Comparing selected properties of thermally treated oriented strandboards from two different wood species

9:00 am

Michael Hurst, President & CEO, ChloroFill, LLC
Sorghum-based alternatives to bamboo and other engineered wood products

Chunping Dai, Principal Scientist, FPInnovations, Canada
Characterization and simulation of strand alignment in strand-based products

9:30 am

Brian Seenandan, Director, Vice President, TreeFree Biomass Solutions
Nilefiber for composite panel production




Adhesives and Coating Technology

10:30 am

Martin Ohlmeyer, Lecturer, Researcher, Thünen Institute of Wood Research, Germany
European approaches to measure and assess emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

11:00 am

Mark Gruenwald, Director of Product Safety, Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
Formaldehyde Safety – Informed by 30+ Years of Scientific Research

11:30 am

Joseph Marcinko, Principal Scientist and President, Polymer Synergies, LLC and BioPolymer Technologies, LTD
Using vintage chemistry (circa 1886) to understand PMDI/protein hybrid adhesives

1:00 pm

Marc A. Strand, Research Associate, Eastman Chemical Company
Effect of thermoplastic coatings on the MOR and MOE of engineered wood products

1:30 pm

Gregory D.Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Wood Science, University of British Columbia, Canada
Improving blending efficiency and resin distribution by using a discrete element model for rotary drum blender

2:00 pm

Anton Smit, Marketing Manager, Sasol Wax North America
Efficiency and quality: The influence of modern hydrophobing additives

2:30 pm

Sheldon Shi, Associate Professor, Renewable Biomaterials, North Texas University
Performance enhancement of soy protein based adhesive by incorporating cellulose nanowhiskers

3:00 pm

Peter Crammond, Director, RST Technology PTY, LTD, Australia
Adhesive tannin from eucalyptus bark

3:30 pm

Jinwen Zhang, Associate Professor, Composite Materials and Engineering Center, Washington State University
Use of lignin as feedstock for epoxy application

Endorsement Disclaimer

Papers presented on processes or machines feature analyses of operating principles and some of the technical programs encountered. They show some of the approaches taken to accomplish particular objectives; however, there is no implied endorsement of any machine, process, or product by virtue of its inclusion in this program.


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